The intended audience for this post is myself. I’m writing this because today I need it. I need to remind myself that I’m strong. I need to be reminded about what strength is & I need to be reminded of what strength looks like. I’m sharing it only because I know sometimes you need to […]


In Houston where I grew up, we say “move around” when we either want someone to remove themselves from our eyesight or we are about to do the same. This phrase is very relevant now. While talking to a friend earlier last week about friendships, I said something then that should definitely be repeated here. DON’T […]


About four months ago I left a relationship of five years. I loved him & cared for him more than I loved & cared for myself. That was one of many problems. One day I packed up my shit & moved the hell out & I won’t go back.  I recently participated in a grant […]


I am beautiful. I used to not be able to say that about myself. There are 2 times that specifically remebmber being able to say it, know it & have experiential knowledge of this. Once before I met my now ex boyfriend and now.  Some might think that I’m vain. Hell I even think I’m […]