I work with this young lady who once asked me if I was “going with the Aunt Jemima look?” Since that day we have not been cool obviously.

Today she said something to me in front of my supervisor thinking I wasn’t going to check her. She was wrong &I did. Respectfully, assertively &firmly. Then she began trying to bait me into an argument in front of said supervisor. I often wonder why this young lady waits until people are present to try me. I stay on the opposite side of the building when we work together & we do not speak unless it is absolutely necessary. 

Then it occurred to me: Girl, your actions demonstrate that you are attempting to maintain peace & obviously that is not what she wants. She is miserable & is demanding your attention girl! DO NOT GIVE IT TO HER!

So I didn’t. I stated my “peace” & went about my business leaving her pissed & me unbothered because I am not what I attract I am what I respond to. So… Girl bye!
When misery comes demanding your attention do not feed that monster no matter how many angles it uses to reach you because if you do it will grow. 


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