In Houston where I grew up, we say “move around” when we either want someone to remove themselves from our eyesight or we are about to do the same. This phrase is very relevant now. While talking to a friend earlier last week about friendships, I said something then that should definitely be repeated here.


We can get into whether or not someone can actually MAKE you angry at a later time but for right now just follow me. I don’t keep people around me that make me angry because when you are angry you don’t think & when you don’t think you are liable to do anything. People like this are dangerous. It’s just that simple.

What if there are emotional ties? Cut them & move around. What if you need to be around them in your daily life? Figure out a way to not be around them as much as possible IF possible & move around. What if you need them? Or what if you feel like you need them? You probably don’t. As a matter of fact I know you don’t. Secretly make plans to separate yourself from them & then move the f#&* around. What if you aren’t angry around them but some other lesser behavior with potentially equal effects? These people may not  necessarily be dangerous but I would limit my interaction with them all the same because negativity is the same no matter what form it comes in. Move the hell over, get out of their way & then move! the f&#*! around!

They literally don’t need to see you, hear you, or smell you. You need to be out of their sight, though you may never be out of their minds or their mouths, because they’re going to still talk about you. You do this because we are all one moment away from jail, hell, or heaven  with one false move & the last thing any of us need is to find ourselves in one of those places because of someone else. Facts.


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