I was supposed to write a blog post yesterday on a totally different topic but instead I did nothing. Let’s talk about that instead. 

We all know the importance of rest so there is no need to go into it here. What some of us don’t know is that there’s an art to it. I always say if you’re going to do something you might as well do it right. For example:

I once did nothing by running myself a warm bath with lavender bath salts, candles around the tub, a glass of wine & “Nina Simone’s Finest Hour” playing from beginning to end. I laid there in that tub, in my bathroom, lit only by tea lights, refusing to get out until either I was good & wrinkled, OR I heard Nina remind her now ex-lover  not to smoke in bed. I rested my head on that plush bath pillow, sipped my Moscato & did absolutely nothing for about an hour & a half. No phone calls, no contact from the outside world what so ever. It was amazing. You can’t stop the world & the world won’t stop for you, but you can get off from time to time.

You do this because to take time, care & consideration into how I prepare a bath for myself is a loving act. It is also very nurturing, kind, thoughtful, etc. You do this as an act of self love. To allow yourself to not feel obligated to do something all the time is a loving act. You are allowing yourself to rest mentally, spiritually & physically. To take care & consideration in how it is done is also loving because you are ensuring that you enjoy yourself while doing it. It’s all love.

You don’t have to be everything to everyone & you also don’t have to do everything for everyone all the time. However, you probably should try to be everything to yourself at least some of the time. So, here’s your task:

Pick one day this week where you set aside time for yourself to do absolutely nothing. Put your phone on airplane mode OR turn it off all together. I promise you you’ll love it & your mind, body & spirit will thank you.


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