The intended audience for this post is myself. I’m writing this because today I need it. I need to remind myself that I’m strong. I need to be reminded about what strength is & I need to be reminded of what strength looks like. I’m sharing it only because I know sometimes you need to be reminded too.

Strength is finding a reason to get out of bed when you don’t want to get up. Strength is forcing yourself to leave your house when you feel depressed & you know that if you stay inside this dark house in this dark bedroom one more day you are going to spiral. It’s reminding yourself that even though you loved your ex at one time he no longer deserves anymore of your energy even if it’s anger. Strength is shutting people out of your life that mean you no good even if you love them. It’s also chosing love instead of hate, peace instead of war & chaos, & a full life instead of mediocrity. All of these things require a certain amount of mental strength.  It requires making a conscious choice to do something other than what you feel like doing because sometimes feelings are wrong. 

Often times we have expectations of what something is supposed to be or look like. So much so that when it shows up in our lives we miss it because we think it’s supposed to look like A & it shows up as Zed.That is the case when it comes to strength. This is an opportunity to examine yourself & really see yourself as you are & not as you think you should be. You might find there is some strength in there you overlooked because you thought it was supposed to look like  the ability to do 250lb squats & instead it was dressed up as self love. Think about it.



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