About four months ago I left a relationship of five years. I loved him & cared for him more than I loved & cared for myself. That was one of many problems. One day I packed up my shit & moved the hell out & I won’t go back. 

I recently participated in a grant program through the logistics department of the local college. They were offering an opportunity to recieve up to eight certifications recognized by the CSCMP ( Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals) I knew absolutely nothing about logistics but I figured if the government was paying for it then why not?

The grant program would be over March of the this year so I decided I wanted to acquire all eight (being an over achiever & what not). While I was with ol’ boy it took me two months to complete one. I dropped homeboy & in three months had completed the remaining seven courses, passed all seven exams & obtained the remaining certifications giving me all eight before the start of 2017. Hell, I was done before Christmas, leaving me with three months left before the grant program was over. 

While I was with ol’ dude I couldn’t see any headway & felt as if I could never get ahead. No matter how many steps I took forward I ALWAYS ended up having to start all over. I found myself helping him do some shit that he was fully capable of doing himself but for whatever reason didn’t.

I was operating under the false idea that as a couple I was supposed to help him make sure his shit was together so that I could move too because I was not supposed to move without him. “I move, you move, we move, together.” Nope. Naw. That’s not where it’s at because he never moved. I moved… out… without him.

My dad is the type of man that is very impatient. He doesn’t like to wait for anybody. They call him Ago because “He always ah go” (West Indian thing) While I don’t agree with his lack of patience I do say this for my father, he damn sure doesn’t let anyone waste his time. 

You see that? Let me bring it in a little closer in case you missed it.


I had been trying the entire relationship to accomplish certain things & they never happened because his ass was always holding me up. In all honesty I believe it was purposefully (we can discuss that at a later time). To keep it simple, I continued to let him do it for five years because I was afraid. Of what? Lots of things, but one of them had to do with what would replace him if he left, because there was a void he was filling that I didn’t want to confront. As soon as I realized it wasn’t worth it & he wasn’t either, I made my plans & when I saw an opportunity I dipped. 

If you find yourself feeling stagnant ask yourself if you have people in your life that are holding you up. Then ask yourself why you let them do it. 💋💋💋


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