Tuesday January 17th, 2016

I was on the way home from vacation & the plane I was on was experiencing significant turbulence. I wanted to know what to do because I was afraid & uncomfortable. So I asked & GOD said you don’t get anywhere because you are unwilling to be uncomfortable. Okay. I then answer & respond to a few questions that pop up next. Am I willing to ALLOW myself to be at peace OR find peace in this discomfort? Yes. Am I willing to consciously & purposefully FIND the pocket of peace that exists right here on this plane in this window seat? Yes. Quite honestly I could’ve easily said I really have no choice but to be okay because I’m stuck here but that’s not entirely true. I am on this plane, I am in the air & I currently can not say or do anything to change either of those 2 things. Those few things are true. But I DO have a choice as to how I respond to the circumstances I am find myself in. I could honestly allow discomfort & fear to properly high jack this spirit & think & feel for me. Instead I asked the universe what it needed from me. I am present. I am here. What is it you want? Then I waited. It said give me your presence. Give me MY attention that is owed to me. That was all it required of me & I gave it. I used what was around me, the sound of the plane’s engine humming & I listened. I listened to everything around me in the middle of all this turbulence. A few minutes later I noticed I was calm. I asked myself if I was okay. I was & I noticed the plane was too. I asked myself if I found peace & I did. Mission accomplished. I won therefore I was successful & all that was required was my presence.

P.S. The question is “How do I remain still in the middle of turbulance?” The answer is to be present & give it your attention.

P.S.S. There’s a word in there did you see it?


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