I was telling God once I needed peace. I was explaining the situation. I work 40 hours a week. My schedule is never the same. I get my schedule the Wednesday before the week starts so I feel I don’t have enough time to plan. The man is always home so I have no time to myself etc. I explained what I wanted. I want to wake up at 6 & have absolute & total quiet until about 9 or 9:30. I want 1 day a week totally to myself. The same day every single week. I want 1 day with the man, preferably Sunday & I want to not have to deal with people until about 12. I was very specific.

You know what God told me? Stop waiting for circumstances to show up the way you want them to before you do what you need to do for yourself. God said you can’t wait “until” for you to find peace. You won’t need peace then but you need it now. God said you need it here during this time not when the struggle is over. She said take peace where you can get it. Enjoy peace where & when you find it & take advantage of the peace that is present all around you.

The world is not going to stop for you & why should it? It doesn’t revolve around you or any of us. People are not going to organize their lives to accommodate me & it would be delusional of me to think they should. I wrote a blog post once about not waiting for others to celebrate you. If you wait on others you might be waiting a lifetime & what if it never happens? The same rule applies here. If I wait on a particular set of circumstances to show up in my life I might never get what I want. Peace is present always & I don’t have to look for it because it never left me. Thank you God because that was a blessing to me.

*on a side note*
You see how God answers prayers? Fast quick & in a hurry. I asked for peace & God said “Girl boo. Here I got all kinds of that which one you want? LOL

love yourself, love life, love god


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