Pride is not a problem as much as the lying we do for the sake of it. We lie to hide that we need or want stuff that we’re too afraid or ashamed to admit or acknowledge we want or need. We tell ourselves lies like “I’m okay.” & “It doesn’t hurt.” We lie to others because we have to maintain the lie we tell to ourselves. It is this denial that is the sin. When we say we don’t need that also means we don’t ask & because we don’t ask we don’t get. We essentially are our own undoing. Me & my shame & the lies I tell because of that shame are the cause of my continued suffering. It is the lie not the pride that is at fault. Tell the truth today even if it’s only to yourself.

Today I’m grateful for

1. Time to myself
2. The understanding you’ve given me
3. The honesty I felt in saying those things
4. The blessings you give me by saying the truth to myself
5. The observations I have while telling the truth

Today I thank God for

1. The blessing that come with meditating
2. The loving lessons you brought me this morning
3. The loving honesty

love yourself, love life, love god


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