Me & my God were talking in the shower this morning about how I have an ungrateful spirit. I was talking to God about how I know I should be grateful but I really just don’t feel it. A few minutes later when I got out I got the urge to pray so I called my boyfriend & started to give God thanks. This a little bit of that conversation about thanks between me & God afterwards.

God I just want to say thank you. I was walking home from work the other day & I saw a young man walk up under the bridge. I asked my boyfriend where he was going my boyfriend told me he lived there. I thank you God cause it’s really not that bad. I have a key to turn & central heating & air conditioning. That young man has to sleep outside in the elements & as much as I complain it’s really not that bad for me. Thank you. There once was a time where my former boyfriend lost his job & my job cut my hours & things were tight. I was scared & so was he because we didn’t know how we were going to pay our rent. I thank you God because it’s not that bad for me. I am able to purchase groceries & all my bills were paid on time if not early last month. All my needs were met. Thank you.

I complain a lot sometimes. Too much for my own liking & my own good. It’s really not bad at all. We think it is but then when you hear about the people of Flint, Michigan being given contaminated water, have to spend money on bottled water just to take a bath, children being permanently brain damaged & still getting a monthly bill for two years for water they can not use, you realize all you have been complaining for is really nothing at all. Some people have REAL problems & not being able to attend Jouvert this year ain’t it. Thank you God for my circumstances because it really could be so much worse.

love yourself, love life, love god


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