Sometimes we feel it’s better to believe negatively about ourselves than to believe positively. We feel if we believe we’re worthy someone will come along & show us that we’re not & then it will hurt so much more because we thought something of ourselves & we were wrong. We feel if we believe the bad things instead we can never be wrong.

What if I believe I’m worthy of love & respect & someone comes along & mistreats me? If I’m unsure of myself I feel I’m not worth enough because of the way I’m treated. We might not think we’re good enough to demand love & respect from others because we think we’re ugly, we don’t have a car, good credit, a good paying job or lots of money. Some of us think we must not be in a position to be demanding because we lack so much; a good face, little waist, fat ass or long hair. We can think & feel one way about ourselves but if others don’t see us as we see us we feel we might as well defer to their judgement because it’s safer.

Self confidence is great but we are not always self confident. We see everyone’s Facebook statuses & Instagram photos & wonder “Why can’t I be that confident all the time?” They’re not even confident all the time. What you’re seeing is the best of 10,000 bad moments. The strongest of a dozen weak. Confidence sometimes is a REAL struggle for all of us. I once read something on valuing ourselves in which it talks about the different perspectives we could take. I reviewed them all & came to my own conclusion. Don’t try to “place” value on yourself.

The moment I try to measure or quantify my value is the moment I set myself up for disappointment. What if you come up with a list of all the reasons you are worthy of love, valuable, etc. & one of those reasons no longer apply? Does your value change? Does your worth go up or down dependent upon how many things in your list are currently true? Instead I choose to say this:

I’m here.

It might seem a little anticlimactic but think about it. That’s a really big deal.

love yourself, love life, love god


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