I am black. That is completely obvious once you see me. Melanin kinky hair & all. I only saw European examples of beauty & eventually came to the conclusion that being black & beautiful was an exception or rare occurrence so I didn’t like the way I looked. I didn’t even want to be white I just wanted to be lighter & “pretty”, meaning straight long hair & different colored eyes so I can at least be “other”. Every excepted form of beauty fell within the European standard which left black women out completely, which left me out completely. This meant I wasn’t beautiful.

Some time in my twenties that changed. It was gradual but eventually one day I corrected my posture, got in my zone like…

& dropped one of these stunt moves on the world like…

& started moving through this world much different. I am here to promote love of self as you NATURALLY ARE & that includes your hair texture. I want you to look at yourself & know black is beautiful. Teen Vogue did a series with Amandla Stenberg that I think is a good place to start.

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love yourself, love life, love god


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