When people love you they respect you. That’s it. There’s more to love then that of course but when a person loves you they WILL respect you period. No debate, no discussion, no argument. There will be no begging & pleading & no demanding a thousand times. If a person loves you respect will come always because love is a verb, which basically means to hold dear or value & in the act of showing that we value one thing or another, in the act of showing that we value one person or another, respect will come as a default.

Like some people I have someone in my life that is totally disrespectful to me in their words & in theirs & I am selling myself short by involving myself with them. Why do I do it? Honestly at first it was because I really wanted to believe they loved me like they say they do but they don’t & I know that now. I know that what I want from them is impossible. They aren’t capable in anyway of giving it to me. It’s disappointing but I know they really just can’t respect me to save their life, because they don’t even respect themselves. It’s possible they don’t even know what respect looks, sounds, tastes, smells or feels like. God don’t have to tell me no more. I got it loud & clear. They ain’t shit & that’s just the way it is.

With that being said I really don’t take it personal anymore. Now I just see their lack of respect for me as some type of affliction like turrets or something. They really just can’t help the disrespect that comes out of their mouth or their actions & it has nothing to do with me. Before I would’ve been so heartbroken & consumed by it that it would’ve taken over my thoughts. Not now because I know it’s not me. Sometimes I thought the reason this person would hurt me was because there was something wrong with me, I wasn’t good enough, I was a bad person, or I wasn’t perfect. None of that is the case. That shows you how little I thought of myself. It still hurts of course but truth is, some people are just crazy & I’m one to leave others to their afflictions. You see how I’m growing? Look at God #wonthedoit

Comments are welcome below. Have a good day.

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2 thoughts on “RESPECT

  1. Good post! I definitely can relate to this one. I wholeheartedly agree that with true love comes respect. I have been associated with many individuals in my life that did not respect me. At first, like you, I thought it was me. In some cases I even allowed them to change me from the sweet and caring person God created me to be into a witch. I had to realize those individuals do not need to be in my life. Also, we all could learn how to love one another the way God wants us, the way he loves us. No one is perfect, including me.

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    • “In some cases I even allowed them to change me from the sweet and caring person God created me to be into a witch”

      Exactly! It’s a challenge to not let them change you but if I do I’m saying you can control me & you don’t. I refuse to let someone do that to me.


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