Today I was thinking about someone who hurt me. I thought about how angry I felt towards them & about what they did to me. I felt the most & the strongest amount of hatred towards this person than I had ever felt in a very long time. Then I thought about a message that had been given to me sometime before. “What you do to others you do to yourself”. That also means what you wish for others you wish for yourself. So if I hate another & I wish ill will & suffering for another I also hate & wish ill will & suffering for myself. It also stands to reason that when this someone betrayed me they were actually betraying themselves. So instead today I prayed that God allow them to see the effects their actions have on others. I asked God to allow them to see the damage they cause through their destructive behaviors. By doing so I am being loving & kind to them. I am also being loving & kind to myself because when I asked God to show them the negative affects their behavior has on others, I also prayed that prayer for myself. I also asked that God may allow me to see how I cause death & destruction along the way as I relate to other people.  So I say pray for your enemies knowing that your enemies are merely a reflection of yourself. Which means no one is our enemy.  There is no difference between me & you. We have no enemies if what I do to you I do to myself because doing to you is the same as doing to self. Instead of hating myself I will love myself including all reflections of me.


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