A friend told me once I was really good at getting quality items at really low prices WITHOUT going to a thrift store. She even suggested I do a “look of the week” of some sort. Here is my attempt at doing so. 

January is the BEST month of the year in my opinion & of course I am biased because it’s my birthday month. This year I turned (none if your got damn business) & decided jewel tones was what I was feeling. It turned out to be my favorite look of the month.

we highly melanted: Cousin Ashley (left) & Johna (right)

birthday outfit – total cost approximately under $50

I found the dress scrolling through a H&M sales rack one day in Florida buying shit I didn’t need as usual. After I bought this it sat in my closet for at least six months or so before I actually wore it. When I finally did it was more of an “Oh yea I haven’t worn this yet huh?” type of situation. You would think I would’ve been more excited to break it out of the closet. Intuition just said “Uh uh girl put this on” & it worked.

velvet knot front dress in sapphire blue – h&m – $10

The shoes were purchased a day or two before my birthday. I went to a Forever21 in the Galleria, saw these were on sale, then high-tailed my ass down to Memorial City because they had my size. I later went on to buy four more pairs of shoes that week. My excuse? They were on sale, it was my birthday MONTH (not the day honey the whole month) & I wanted them. Shameful, I know.

T strap velvet platform heel in burgundy – forever21 -$9

T strap velvet platform heel in burgundy – forever21 -$9

I bought the purse as an employee of Payless Shoe Source a few years ago. You better believe when I unpacked this item from shipment that day I hid it in a very safe spot deep in the back until it dropped to a price that would look real good with my discount. It was the only one we recieved. So FIRST OF ALL, so what?  SECOND OF ALL, I don’t care & THIRD OF ALL,  fight me. πŸ˜”

minnici floral clutch – payless shoe source – approximately $10

John John is a nickname that only my Tanti Dotsie calls me. When I sew or make any type of craft, ESPECIALLY if it’s for sale, I use this name because it’s fun, playful & doesn’t take itself too seriously. The crown is one if John John’s creations made years ago. She is one of several I wear when I need to be extra. I even wore it to church on Easter Sunday. I feel it’s what Jesus would have wanted. 

floral crown – custom made by john john’s

Reread the paragraph about the clutch & apply here. I still don’t care & you can still fight me. Those earrings were a dollar & they are heavy. That means well made. I won. 😊

minnici earrings – payless shoe source – $1

An ex boyfriend blessed me with some funds around the 2005 or 2006 era & I carried my ass to Banana. I found this pretty little thing & we have been together ever since. Don’t ask me how much it cost. He was paying so I didn’t care. I was really spoiled back then. Like REALLY spoiled (but that’s a story for another time)

banana republic – purchased more than 10 years ago with someone else’s money – free


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