I’m going to say this once if only for my own benefit. There are only a few people in my life I am actually willing to invest enough energy into to maintain the relationship. Cause you all know I don’t like people. With that being said…

I pull out the parking lot this morning & see a certain bad minded someone pulling in & looking at me. Apparently she planned to come over today. Great, but you didn’t come over to see me so I’m out. I look over & continue driving. Yes I see you but I pay you DUST so I’m gone. I do not entertain bad minded people which is why she got the “girl bye” from me today.

You see how the devil stays busy? The good lord knows the sight of this person would USUALLY piss me off, but you know what? Not today boo. Why? Cause you ain’t slick & I see. Sometimes the unconsciousness in others doesn’t allow them to feel comfortable unless there’s chaos & they pull other people into their confusion not necessarily because misery loves company, but because misery needs at least one willing participant to validate their madness. Fine. But you won’t do that over where with me. Not on this beautiful day off/pay day you won’t. Uh uh bye boo. I will give this no unnecessary attention because I believe it’s best to leave people to their insanity.

I say all that to say this…

Either come in love or don’t come at all.

“love life, love yourself, love god”

*side note*

When I refer to “the devil” I am not referring to the bad spirit that lives down under, but the bad spirit that lives inside of people. Some may argue they are one in the same but we can discuss this later

love yourself, love life, love god


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